Heat Cubed GmbH

Who are we?

Heat Cubed GmbH was founded in 2013 to reinvent the heat exchanger. Simply put the object was to design and develop microchannel heat exchangers with exceptional properties AND at reasonable production cost.


Our target was reducing the size, cost and thermal resistance of heat exchangers. Microchannel heat exchangers are able to achieve a performance for surface area per unit volume as high as 1500 m²/m³. The new Heat Cube Type 5 already provides more than 1800 m²/m³. Heat Cubed takes heat transfer into the next dimension. 


Deviating from existing microchannel heat exchangers, the Heat Cube technology can be designed in nearly any shape or size.

Who can make use of our Technology?

Our developments support the trend toward greater heat transfer rates per unit volume at very low price. The heat cube epitomizes lightweight, compact construction all with exceptional performance making it certainly of special interest for:

  • Mobile applications
  • Limited space requirements
  • Processing corrosives
  • Minimizing fluid volumes
  • Very short response characteristics (frequently on/off) 
  • Perfect also for high pressure, vacuum and load changes

It can be integrated thermally and physically in any system, and there are nearly no geometric limitations (free design and shape possible)

What we can do for you:

Heat Cube heat exchangers can achieve this performance with a simple and elegant technology that has already been tested and verified by a third party. 

  • Confronted with problems like weight restrictions, limited space in the system you have to design but need very high transfer rates?
  • Want to minimize the amount of coolant chemicals in your system by more than 80%?
  • Would like to cut weight for heat recovery units in your mobile vehicle?

The first product Heath Cube Type 5 is now available in Titanium.  Please contact us to find out what Heat Cubed GmbH can do for you.